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Mobile apps for SMART devices Services

We are technology specialists with deep insight.

We do our work with a persistent desire to improve the current state of affairs. Transforming seemingly unrelated information into innovative ideas, which we turn into successful solutions together. Where others lose their breath, we feel an opportunity.

Our activities


We are visionaries building our own start-up projects helping to improve life around us. Currently, we are working on a project in the area of facility management - Fixatio.

Mobile apps for services

Not all applications are alike... Ours are not only intuitive, elegant and quick. We are able to devise them to be really beneficial. In simple terms, we actively identify opportunities for your development and seek the optimum solution in cooperation with you.

Mobile apps for controlling industrial and consumer products

Nowadays, IoT is widely discussed – and at Adaptine, we integrate it. We can connect your physical devices to information systems and streamline related processes. We are able to integrate mobile applications into IoT solutions and already existing information systems.

Information systems

We create efficient and sophisticated information systems, with an emphasis on user friendliness and real benefits for your business. We view a company in its entirety, following the employees’ needs across all company levels.

Why choose us?

For us, 1 + 1 > 2. We do not fake anything; to achieve the objective, we always provide the maximum effort.

We have a first-class analytical, planning and implementation team.

We always select the right 20% of activities which will achieve 80% profits for you. In simple terms, we solve the relevant matters with the highest benefit. We identify efficient solutions with the maximum benefit.

Finding the real benefits for your business is our obsession.

Without real benefits, we do not enjoy our work and you will not be satisfied. We only create projects that move you forward. We help you find ways to not waste time while increasing performance at the same time.

We do everything with enthusiasm and full commitment.

We grow with you and our common success. Our many years of experience are continually updated with the latest trends.

The core of our team

Martin Ryšavý

Sales, strategy, innovation

Jaromír Krotký

Analysis, innovation,

Petr Škoda

Analysis, architecture,

We bring experience with interesting clients.

Our Fixatio project

Platform for managing maintenance and services.

“Technicians, repairmen and regular service facilities will be more efficient. Simply, in a well-arranged way and anywhere 24/7”.

We always bring something extra. The Fixatio system with its mobile application for maintenance workers, companies and customers has been developed with an emphasis on simple usability.

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