We create useful mobile applications

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Why us?

Our clients appreciate complete service, from a conceptual proposal up to the precise implementation, the brilliant ideas of our colleagues as well as our persistent passion for seeking the best solutions. The result of our work will not only be another mobile application, but a product which will streamline your business and attract new customers.

Thanks to our more than 10 years of experience in creating mobile applications and all related fields, we can guarantee the fulfilment of our customers’ expectations.

We will smoothly guide you through the entire process

From an idea to the result

Do you have an idea? Or do you need help with a burning problem or process? We have experience and can propose a solution which will move you forward. We will find dead zones in the specifications, help you with verification – together we will fill in the “lean canvas”.

Usability and benefit

Not all applications are alike... Users prefer those which bring benefits and can be used easily at the same time. Our team will prepare and test wireframes and design applications, ensuring the creation of a solution for which you will be praised by the users.

And what about technical matters?

We participated in the development of tens of applications. We program in the Flutter multiplatform framework for iOS and Android platforms. We have experience in integrations with IoT devices and/or existing systems We are experts in Bluetooth LE.

And finally... operation, maintenance, marketing...

You yourself will sell your product, but you may need help with setting up the marketing or preparation of a sales strategy. You will definitely want to maintain and further develop the application. We will help you with all of that.

Our approach

What can we cooperate on?

We can come to you from Prague or East Bohemia.

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